Consulting engineers

  • Construction Surveillance

    Project coordination, construction site management and inspection supervision...


  • Material, Welding and NDE

    Comprehensive consulting, customer-oriented solutions and trouble shooting...


  • Engineering

    Pressure vessels, industrial piping, oil and gas plants, prepration of drawings and 3D-modeling...


  • History of the “Nett-Bud”

    2003 – Foundation of the construction company “Nett-Bud” as a family business.

    2012 – New scope of services – Consulting Engineers specialised in welding, material and NDE (IWE)

    2014 – Consulting Engineers expand their array of services for design and calucation of pressure vessels, pipelines and gas plants.

    2016 – Nett-Bud starts to work on the international market

    2020 – New authorisation – Site surveillance for pipeline and plant construction.

    2021 – Consulting office in Germany (Lemwerder)



    “NETT-BUD” consulting, Mariusz Janikowski

    D-27809 Lemwerder (Germany)
    Wiesenstr. 12
    Phone: +49 172-2779879
    USt-IdNr.: DE355320525